Buying or Selling a 1970 Bentley T1?


1970 Bentley T1
1970 Bentley T1

The 1970 model year of the Bentley T1 by Bentley Motors Limited put the luxury car industry on the map. This car was essentially a Bentley-badged version of the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow making it one of the premier luxury vehicles of its time. However, the marked difference between the vehicles comes in the lighter weight, simpler design of the front grille of the car. New and easier to maneuver power steering made drivers everywhere happy. In addition, this version of the vehicle had a comfortable, spacious rear cab space for all passengers as well as more storage space for luggage. These changes made consumers very happy with the vehicle. The front seats of the vehicle even move in eight directions to ensure the driver and the front seat passenger travel the road in comfort. Also, this 1970 Bentley T1 is lower to the ground than every other Bentley produced before it. This sleek car drew the attention of drivers everywhere. This is what makes the 1970 Bentley T1 a highly sought after vehicles for Bentley collectors everywhere.


1970 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

If you’re going to sell your 1970 model year of the Bentley T1 by Bentley Motors Limited, ensure you are equipped with all the tools you need before selling. If you’re looking to find the best sales price on a 1970 Bentley T1, enlist the help and expertise of the people at the Alex Manos dealership in Los Angeles! The knowledgeable classic car team can give you advice on the type of vehicle you are selling and can even guide you to other vehicles like it that have sold through Alex Manos in the past. The classic cars sold at the Alex Manos dealership are in great condition and the specialists on the lot can educate you about maintenance issues that may arise before you decide to officially put the car up for sale.



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