Buying or Selling a 1971 Bentley T1?


1971 Bentley T1
1971 Bentley T1

The 1971 Bentley T1 saw some small changes compared with the previous model years of the T1. The vehicle came standard with the powerful 6.23-liter V8 engine that made it powerful for anyone who drove it. The 1971 Bentley T1 boasted a unibody made of steel and aluminum making it the strongest as well as most innovative body of the time. This unibody frame also had subframes to mount the engine and suspension of this luxury vehicle, making it versatile. Compared with Bentley models like the S series that came before the Bentley T1, the whole car was substantially shorter and lower to the ground. This change made the vehicle more aerodynamic and sleek. The 1971 Bentley T1 was the first model year of the T1 to begin production of the long wheel base variation of the vehicle. The long wheelbase had a dimension larger than that of the standard Bentley T1. There were only nine of these units produced by Bentley Motors Limited. The 1970 Bentley T1 brought great changes to the already popular, established Bentley T1.


1971 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

If you’re looking for a fair price for your beautiful, well taken care of 1971 Bentley T1, contact the Alex Manos dealership immediately! The team of car aficionados here will make you feel comfortable with not only the price of the vehicle, but of the knowledge you would need to sell the vehicle. They will inform you of the specific features and add-ons on your vehicle that will be good to market to potential buyers and what they can expect to gain from these add-ons pertaining to money. They know everything about 1971 Bentley T1 maintenance and have an expansive collection of Bentley T1s to sift through to compare with the 1971 Bentley T1 that you’re selling.



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