Buying or Selling a 1972 Bentley T1?


1972 Bentley T1
1972 Bentley T1

The 1972 Bentley T1 was the mid-era model of the Bentley T1 series manufactured by Bentley Motors Limited. The car was a sleek example of what the nicest cars of the decade had to compete with. The unique unibody design of this vehicle was an innovative change for the time and got buyers excited about the new technology and how it would affect the performance of the vehicle overall. The car’s four-speed automatic transmission and 6.23-liter motor impressed all drivers that came in contact with the vehicle. Other add-ons on this vehicle included electric windows, eight-way adjustable front seats, and disc brakes on all wheels supported by a hydraulic braking system that made for a comfortable drive. These amenities made this vehicle very popular and now, in our time, very collectible. Additionally, the Bentley T1 had a larger fuel tank to help drivers travel farther. Special coachwork makes these vehicles unique and beautiful investments.


1972 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

Should you be searching for a worthy seller of your 1972 Bentley T1, come and see how the experts at the Alex Manos dealership can go to work for you! Based in Los Angeles, the Alex Manos dealership has access to a very interesting and varied market of classic car buyers and collectors. This ensures that your vehicle would sell quickly and since there are so many people looking for these one-of-a-kind vehicles, the competitive market will ensure you sell it for an exceptional price. The staff at Alex Manos will help you to perfectly advertise and market you car to potential buyers and therefore maximize your profit on your vehicle.



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