Buying or Selling a 1973 Bentley T1?


1973 Bentley T1
1973 Bentley T1

The 1973 Bentley T1 by Bentley Motors Limited was unexciting as far as new features are concerned. It’s a model that was not drastically different from the rest of the T1 models that came before it. It came standard with more interior space and less exterior surface area than any of the previous Bentley models that preceded the T series making it drive more quickly and with ease. The sleek, rounded exterior housed a spacious, beautiful interior complete with custom coachwork and these cars were made to be one-of-a-kind works of art. Depending on the quality and condition of the coachwork, the car will be worth more if the interior is in pristine condition. The luggage area in the car was also quite accommodating for passengers to carry around more items with them while traveling. Depending on add-ons such as electric windows, adjustable seats, and many more, the more fancy the vehicle is, the more the buyer is willing to pay.


1973 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

Looking to make a great profit and have the backup of a knowledgeable place when selling a 1973 Bentley T1? Consult the car lovers at the Alex Manos dealership! Their years of classic car expertise make them one of the most knowledgeable dealers in the classic car industry. They will answer any questions you may have about the specific vehicle you are selling and will ensure you are optimizing your exposure to potential buyers and that they have access to all the facts prior to purchase. Alex Manos will ensure you are the most equipped to handle any questions coming from sellers and if you have any questions about the process, they will ensure there is no doubt.



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