Buying or Selling a 1974 Bentley T1?


1974 Bentley T1
1974 Bentley T1

The 1974 Bentley T1 was a sportier version of the classic Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow model. The steel and aluminum unibody style had separate compartments to mount both the engine and the suspension. This made the vehicle more specialized and got the attention of car fans everywhere who wanted to drive the car to see the sophistication for themselves. In addition to new and improved standard hardware upgraded from previous R or S series, the Bentley T1 housed more passengers comfortably than ever before. The luggage space in the back of the cab provided more for passengers and made long travel more doable. In addition, the car came standard with a 6.23-liter eight-cylinder engine making the car faster than ever before. Coachwork really set these vehicles apart from the crowd. In addition, the car had adjustable front seats, electric windows, and a top-of-the-line braking system to ensure the driver traveled in luxury. If you’re looking for a gem of a classic vehicle, be sure to keep the 1974 Bentley T1 at the top of your list.


1974 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

If you’re looking to sell your 1974 Bentley T1 quickly, the experts at the Alex Manos dealership are the right people for the job! They can tell you what you will need to do to get the car in the right condition for sale as well as help you get the car in front of the eyes of qualified buyers who will pay the right money for the car. They would be more than happy to help you do just that! With all of their staff being overly knowledgeable about all topics of classic cars, they can help you compare vehicles that are similar to yours and tell you which features will give you the most bang for your buck with buyers. They always have a full lot with many options to compare to.



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