Buying or Selling a 1976 Bentley Corniche?


1976 Bentley Corniche
1976 Bentley Corniche

The 1976 Bentley Corniche was in its fifth year when Bentley Motors Limited released this model. Buyers could conveniently choose which sleek, rounded two-door body style they preferred. They were to choose between a fixed head coupe classic version of the vehicle or a sportier variation that was a convertible drop head style top. Among buyers today, the convertibles are very popular with the younger generations buying up classic cars; however, the drophead style remains popular with seasoned classic car buyers. The 1976 Bentley Corniche had a coil spring suspension system, which made for a smoother ride for all passengers. Additionally, the vehicle featured all wheel disc brakes that made for efficient slow down and stop time. This model also had twin SU carburetors and an improved air conditioning system inside the cab. Other features of the vehicle included its ultra-powerful V8 engine and updated rubber-plated bumpers. To add even more luxury, the windows were electric, the seats could be adjusted eight different ways in the front, and the cab was spacious for comfort. Depending on the customization, such as coachwork and other features added by specific owners, sellers could expect to get their money’s worth when selling their 1976 Bentley Corniche.


1976 Bentley Corniche Seller’s Guide

The 1976 Bentley Corniche is a great car to sell in this classic car market. However if you’ve never navigated the classic car market in the past and are looking for a little guidance, the Alex Manos dealership has extensive experience working in this field and can give you the tips you need to sell your vehicle to the perfect buyer. They will inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is in sellable condition. Once this is completed, they will let you know a value in the ballpark of what you can expect to get from a buyer. They base all of this on condition, special features, and comparisons of similar vehicles that have sold recently among other factors. However, letting Alex Manos help you in the selling process will give you a leg up on other competition because in Los Angeles, the classic car market is hot and this will get your car in front of tons of great buyers. This competitive market in turn may be able to increase the value of your vehicle and get you more money in your pocket upon sale.



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