Buying or Selling a 1977 Bentley T1?


1977 Bentley T1
1977 Bentley T1

The 1977 Bentley T1 marked the end of production for the T1 series vehicle by Bentley Motors Limited. This vehicle defined the era in the time it was produced between 1965 and 1977. This was a reliable vehicle since its design stayed pretty consistent and popular with both consumers of the time and has maintained its popularity into today’s world. This model had a vast amount of room for passengers in the cab and also supplied just the right amount of storage room for luggage as well. It came standard with air conditioning, electric windows, adjustable front seats, and a very nifty hydraulic suspension system by Citroen that made the ride one of the smoothest of the age. This car definitely defined what a true Bentley should be: luxurious inside and out. For most buyers, the condition and design of the coachwork make a 1977 Bentley T1 more or less valuable.


1977 Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

Should you be in the market to sell a 1977 Bentley T1, enlist the help of the classic car experts at the Alex Manos dealership! These classic car experts have been in the business for years and have helped many customers like you find the right buyer the car of their dreams. If you happen to be in or close to the Los Angeles area, stop in and see the spacious classic car lots and see if there are any questions you have that the knowledgeable staff can answer about your particular vehicle. The experts will also help you know which features on your car will be most important to potential buyers and can also estimate the worth of your vehicle based on conditions, features, and the classic car market itself at the time. This comes to be very important with classic cars. Not only will the team at the Alex Manos dealership help you sell your vehicle for the right price, but they will also serve you with a smile.



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