Buying or Selling a 1980 Bentley Corniche?


1980 Bentley Corniche
1980 Bentley Corniche

This 1980 Bentley Corniche model housed a .75-liter V8 engine as well as a sleek and sophisticated two-door body style to suit any buyer’s needs. The buyers of this vehicle today appreciate the flowing lines that this vehicle had to offer. The car also sported a hydraulic self-leveling system to help out the coil spring suspension system making a drive in this car a cakewalk. All passengers were happy to take a ride in this beautiful 1980 Bentley Corniche. The car also had the fairly new Bosch KE/K-Jetronic fuel injector, which ensured that the car ran more smoothly and got the best gas mileage possible to date. The highly effective ventilated disc brakes ensured a quicker stop time to ensure passenger safety. Also, some highly coveted features included a bi-level air conditioning system and oil cooler. Most dynamic in this model was the coachwork done by the great Paris design firm, Carrosserie Vanvooren. This designer proves to be a hot commodity with buyers so it’s sure to be a hot ticket sell!


1980 Bentley Corniche Seller’s Guide

Looking to sell a 1980 Bentley Corniche, but are at odds with where to begin this journey? Drive your car on down to the Alex Manos dealership to see how their classic car expertise can help you get going with the selling process in today’s market. It is important that you are a competitive seller, but to be one you have to have extensive knowledge of the Bentley Corniche models. Since not everyone can know everything about every classic car, Alex Manos staff will look over your vehicle and let you know which features make your vehicle marketable to buyers and unique in the eyes of car aficionados. Maybe it’s the coachwork or maybe even the completely functioning air conditioning or automatic windows. Alex Manos is an expert on all of these details and can get you well on your way to showcasing your car to the right buyers in the Los Angeles classic car market to get you the most money upon sale.



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