Buying or Selling a 1983 Bentley Corniche?


1983 Bentley Corniche
1983 Bentley Corniche

The 1983 Bentley Corniche kept pretty consistent with all of the changes with the 1982 Bentley Corniche. Bentley Motors Limited made no earth shattering changes. Bentley still only offered the two-door convertible Corniche equipped with a 6.75-liter eight-cylinder engine to keep their clients on their toes and their need for speed satisfied. The bi-level air conditioning was a hot feature for buyers in the summer months especially. The specialized suspension coupled with the ventilated disc braking system made for a smooth ride from start to finish. One hot feature for buyers was the Paris designed coachwork that came inside all of the vehicles. The Bosch fuel injector still came standard on the vehicle and made for higher fuel economy. With all of these features and more, these Bentley Corniche models are very popular among classic car collectors, especially those Bentley Motors fanatics.


1983 Bentley Corniche Seller’s Guide

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