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Bentley Corniche
Bentley Corniche

The Bentley Corniche is a beautiful luxury vehicle manufactured by Bentley Motors Limited for the elite buyer. As most Bentley fans know, the Rolls-Royce and Bentley had striking similarities throughout time making the vehicle both highly sought after and very appealing to buyers. The Corniche is no exception to this rule. Rolls Royce came out with its Corniche as a two-door, front-engine, rear wheel driver five-seater vehicle. It was marketed in both the coupe and convertible body styles from 1966 to 1995. This model was like a continuation of the 1965 Silver Shadow Coupe and the Corniche name was applied in 1966. The Corniche was also sold as a Bentley; however, the name was changed to a Bentley Continental in 1984. The Corniche was largely based on the Bentley Mark V model of the 1930s and that is when they first coined the model Corniche. Depending on the specific specs and features of your Bentley Corniche, buyers are eager to get their hands on one of these awesome luxury classics.


Bentley Corniche Seller’s Guide

Should you be in the market to sell your Bentley Corniche, look no further than the experts at the Alex Manos dealership in Los Angeles! Not only do they have extensive knowledge pertaining to the Bentley Corniche, but they also have background knowledge of other vintage vehicles to aid you in the sale of your Bentley. They can compare your car to other Bentley and vintage vehicles on the lot so that they can point to the best features on your vehicle in comparison to others. This is a popular tactic among sellers because it is important to ensure that you market your vehicle as customized as possible to attract the most serious buyers.



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