Buying or Selling a Bentley Mark VI Hooper Sports Saloon?


Bentley Mark VI Hooper Sports Saloon
Bentley Mark VI Hooper Sports Saloon

The Bentley Mark VI, first unveiled in 1946, is regarded as a powerful and elegant icon of its time. It combined a beautiful interior finish with stylish lines and performance that were unmatched in the middle of century. The 6-cylinder engine featured an inlet-over-exhaust and a capacity of 4.2 liters. The Bentley Mark VI also represented the first model manufactured post-World War II, and further is known as the first Bentley to be completely assembled at the Crewe factory. During its life, a few of the models were consigned to coachbuilders, many of whom resided in France and the United Kingdom. One of these models, the Hooper sports saloon was a very graceful edition, coming with a two-door design crafted by the coachbuilder for the Royal Family of England. The cue for the main design is considered the car’s Empress fenders that flow elegantly along the flanks. The coachbuilder, Hooper & Co. of London, was known for their forward-thinking designs, exquisite quality, and sophisticated engineering.


Bentley Mark VI Hooper Sports Saloon Seller’s Guide

Are you the owner of a Bentley Mark VI Hooper sports saloon and have an interest in selling? Alex Manos and his team of experts have an extensive inventory of classics are always interested in adding new models to the collection. They’d love to speak with you about your Bentley Mark VI Hooper sports saloon and learn about its history. The team is comprised of car enthusiasts, and thus has a reputation for sharing advice and knowledge about the classic car industry with owners and fans alike. One tip they’d like to offer when selling a Bentley Mark VI is that it can be important to place emphasis on the coachbuilder, if one was relevant during your model’s manufacture, especially if it’s a renowned builder such as Hooper & Company. This will help create an even higher interest in your classic. If you’d like to hear further tips from the Alex Manos dealership, be sure to contact a representative today.



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