Buying or Selling a Bentley Mark VI Stabilimenti Farina Drophead Coupé?


Bentley Mark VI Stabilimenti Farina Drophead Coupé
Bentley Mark VI Stabilimenti Farina Drophead Coupé

Remembered as the first postwar Bentley produced, as well as the first ever to be completely assembled at the Crewe Factory, the Mark VI model was a pure blend of elegance and power. Its novel chassis was known as the Standard Steel body, and for its time marked a major departure from the established practice of procuring coachbuilders to standardize production for car manufacturers. Nevertheless, there were still instances of this older practice with the Bentley Mark VI, one of which is known as the Bentley Mark VI Stablimenti Farina drophead coupé. Capable of reaching top speeds near 90 mph, the car offered more-than satisfying performance through a 4.2-liter, 6-cylinder, F-head engine linked with a four-speed manual gearbox. Servo-assisted rear brakes combined with independent suspension allowed for luxurious for those who rode in one.


Bentley Mark VI Stabilimenti Farina Drophead Coupé Seller’s Guide

Are you interested in selling your Bentley Mark VI Stabilimenti Farina drophead coupé? Look no further than the team of experts employed by the Alex Manos dealership. They have extensive knowledge of the car classic industry, and would love to add your Bentley Mark VI Stabilimenti Farina drophead coupé to their collection. They’re also known in the classic car industry as avid enthusiasts, and in-turn, love to share their advice knowledge with anyone interested parties or simple fans. For example, it’s important to make a great first impression when selling any car, even in the case of a rare model like the Bentley Mark VI. This will involve taking great photos of the car, and having all maintenance and repair records available for the interested buyer. Representatives from the Alex Manos team are standing by ready to make a top dollar offer for new classics to build their inventory.



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Alex Manos and his team are always looking for new classics to add to their collection. Representatives are standing by with a top dollar offer for your Bentley mark VI Stabilimenti Farina drophead coupé, and are willing to offer complimentary shipping from anywhere within the U.S., including Alaska!

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