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Bentley Mark VI
Bentley Mark VI

Announced in May 1964, the Bentley Mark VI—or MkVI—was produced until 1952. The Mark VI was the first model to be completely assembled and finished at the Rolls-Royce factory, and also the first one to feature a factory-built coachwork. The balanced lines of the initial coachwork were enhanced by a number of independent coachbuilders. A six-cylinder, inline F-head engine with inlet over exhaust and twin SU carburetors powered the Bentley Mark VI. For the early models, the unit offered a capacity of 4.2 liters, upgraded to 4.6 liters in 1951. The performance of the Bentley Mark VI was well received by the enthusiasts and the motoring press when the car was introduced. The performance improved even further with upgrades introduced in 1951. From 1949, the Mk VI was made available with left hand drive.


Bentley Mark VI Seller’s Guide

The Alex Manos team is a great point of start if you’re looking to sell a Bentley Mark VI. The staff is composed of friendly and knowledgeable classic car enthusiasts who are always looking for new classics to grow their collection. Based in Los Angeles, their showroom is the home for a large inventory including classics of all makes, models, and conditions. In addition to making top dollar offers on the spot, payable in cash, the team is known for sharing useful tips and advice with classic car sellers. Get in touch with the friendly staff today to gather some information and best practices regarding the process for selling a classic at the best price. For example, it’s always a good thing to gather all the documentations concerning your Bentley Mark VI, to present to potential buyers. Pictures, history of ownership, certificates, service records… Any document will be greatly appreciated and will boost the value of your model.



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