Buying or Selling a Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe?


Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe
Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe

The Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe began its production in 1955 and ended in 1959. The Bentley S1 model was the first complete redesign of the company’s standard production car after World War II ended. The Bentley S series was introduced to be a roomier alternative to the R- type previously manufactured. The Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe was a luxury convertible vehicle, hence the use of Drophead in the model name. The Drophead Coupe had two doors, a folding roof and a sloping rear and could seat up to four people comfortably. Because the head of the vehicle was a convertible, these cars were lighter weight and had better steering control. The suspension and breaking on these S1 Drophead Coupes was also much better than the previous R type models. The vehicle also featured a 4.9-liter straight six engine to achieve among the highest speeds for the time. These cars also came four-speed automatic gearbox standard. When selling, these Dropheads are able to fetch a great price.


Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe Seller’s Guide

Should you be the owner of one of these classic beauties, you likely share the enthusiasm for the great history of Bentley and wonderful driving experience that comes with owning a Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe. The unmatched knowledge of the staff of the Alex Manos dealership is a perfect match for your classic, and the staff would like to share of that knowledge here. For example, they’d to stress how important it is to make a good first impression. This can be accomplished by taking great photos of the Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe that help to accentuate its features. The Alex Manos dealership is available anytime to help answer questions that you may have regarding your Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe, and they invite to stop by their Los Angeles-based dealership to view their extensive collection of classics.



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Come visit the Alex Manos dealership today and get started on selling your classic Bentley S1 Drophead Coupe. Rest assured that the staff will offer you top dollar in accordance with the condition of your classic, and that they will certainly go the extra mile in helping to facilitate the proper sale by avoiding the hassled experience you may find through other buyers.