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Bentley S1
Bentley S1

Launched in 1955, the Bentley S1 was fully produced by Bentley at the Crewe factory in England. Available in a four-door saloon or 2-door coupe version, the body of the Bentley S1 was well received by the enthusiasts. Two different wheelbases were used for the Bentley S1 and the platform was a separate chassis—the last time on a production car. The engine was a six-cylinder unit with a capacity of 4.9 liters and power was transmitted to the wheels via a 4-speed manual gearbox. The top speed was recorded above 100 mph and 0-to-60 mph acceleration took about 13 seconds. The Bentley S1 was equipped with power steering and air conditioning for more comfort. A Continental variant was introduced six month after the standard model and the S2 model with the bigger V8 engine came to replace the S1 in late 1959.


Bentley S1 Seller’s Guide

If you have a Bentley S1 to sell, the Alex Manos team would love to take a look. The team is composed of classic car enthusiasts with long-time experience in the market. They know the models and values for recent sales and can help you evaluate your Bentley S1 accurately. Known for their top dollar offers on the spot, the team will also go the extra mile to provide you with excellent service, offering to handle transportation and paperwork. In addition, the staff would be happy to share some tips and advice to help you make a better transaction. For example, they’ll tell you that’s it’s important to give much details to potential buyers and include all the documentation you have available on your model. By showing you took good care of your car, you’ll raise their interest and get a better offer.



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