Buying or Selling a Bentley S2 Fixed Head Coupe?


Bentley S2 Fixed Head Coupe
Bentley S2 Fixed Head Coupe

The Bentley S2 Fixed head coupe was produced between 1959 and 1962. This closed concept car had largely been designed by H.J. Mulliner. He had created the closed body style on the Continental chassis and Park Ward was in charge of creating the body styles for the drophead open concept coupe versions of the vehicle. The fixed head coupe had a hardtop and afforded the driver luxury and security. The S2 was an all-aluminum bodied model and powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine. The coachbuilders worked tirelessly to make these luxury vehicles one-of-a-kind. With the right add-ons and condition, these cars impress buyers and can hold their value.


Bentley S2 Fixed Head Coupe Seller’s Guide

If you’re the owner of Bentley S2 Fixed head Coupe and have an interest in selling, look no further than the classic car professionals of the Alex Manos dealership. They have an extensive knowledge base on Bentley classics. The Alex Manos dealership enjoys sharing advice and tips that they’ve gathered over the years with all types of classic car enthusiasts, including those interested in buying and selling. When selling, they’d like to suggest that you gather all of the important maintenance records and ownership papers, so as to both facilitate a proper transaction and ultimately allow you to earn top dollar for your Bentley S2 Fixed Head Coupe.



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