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Bentley T1
Bentley T1

The first time that Bentley Motors Limited debuted its new Bentley T1 was at the Paris Motor Show in October of 1965. The Bentley T1 was the top of the line of the time and could run circles around all other Bentley vehicles before it. This Bentley T1 was produced between 1965 and 1977 and definitely made a lasting impact on the classic car market forever. The new Bentley T1 could be purchased with one of two body styles. One was a four-door saloon vehicle with a standard size wheelbase and the other was a model with a longer wheelbase, but the same four-door saloon body on top. However, if you have one of the less manufactured two-door saloon models, this could be valuable to buyers. Some of the two-door convertibles that were specially produced will be most valuable to buyers.


Bentley T1 Seller’s Guide

If you find yourself thinking about selling your beautiful Bentley T1 after years of it collecting dust in your garage, consult the car experts at the Alex Manos dealership. Most buyers are looking for their Bentley T1 to be in pristine condition; however, if a few minor repairs have been done on the vehicle, it will not be enough to ruin the deal for the perfect buyer. The more add-on features such as electric windows, updated air conditioning, and other like factors will definitely add more value when marketing the car to potential buyers if you’re looking to make a little more money. If you need help deciding which of these factors is most important when selling your vehicle, the Alex Manos experts based in Los Angeles can definitely clear up any questions you may have. They can even help you in determining the amount you can sell your car for successfully and help to get it in front of the eyes of Bentley car aficionados looking to invest in a beautiful Bentley T1 like yours.



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