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Bentley T2
Bentley T2

Bentley Motors Limited began production on its upgraded vehicle from the Bentley T1 in 1977. The revamped Bentley T2 was produced for only four years. Between 1977 and 1980, the huge changes that this vehicle saw from the previous T1 was that it featured rack and pinion steering which converts rotational motion into linear motion using a system of gears which made steering more precise. Additionally, it had an improved air conditioning system, rubber-faced bumper that came in handy in small accidents, new fascia in the interior of the car, and on some models a front air dam that regulated air in the front of the vehicle. In later models, a Bosch fuel injector was added to the vehicle as well. Overall, this vehicle had many marked changes from its predecessor, the Bentley T1. When selling the Bentley T2, it is important to market all of the add-ons your vehicle has because more add-ons and custom design means more money in your pocket.


Bentley T2 Seller’s Guide

Bentley T2 can be sold to the right buyer and bring back remarkable returns on investment to the seller. However, to manage such a feat, one needs to be equipped with the right tools before selling. The people who have all the answers about selling your vehicle are the experts at the Alex Manos dealership. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you pinpoint exactly what features in your car will rake in the most money. Is it the windows, the suspension system, the coachwork? It could be a combination of all three, but that is what the experts are for. They will ensure that they get your vehicle in front of qualified buyers who are serious about their Bentley T2s and can adequately maintain the vehicle.



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