Selling a 1955 BMW Isetta


1955 BMW Isetta
1955 BMW Isetta

In April of 1955, the 1955 BMW Isetta was released by BMW for sale to the public. Due to gas prices being extremely high and fuel-efficient vehicles being in high demand, the 1955 BMW Isetta became instantly popular with drivers everywhere. However, even in today’s classic car market, these cars remain popular for their unique build and look. The BMW motorcycle motor that powers the Isetta has a one-cylinder, four-stroke capability to move the vehicle. Since the vehicle is rather fuel-efficient, it does not go very fast. In accordance with the original Italian version of the vehicle, the 1955 BMW Isetta had a bubble-shaped window, but the headlamp design on this version was different. The headlamps were on the sides of the vehicle and the BMW badge could be viewed clearly. The top speed reached by the Isetta was a mere 53 miles per hour.


1955 BMW Isetta Seller’s Guide

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