Selling a 1956 BMW 507


1956 BMW 507

Good art is not always destined to be a success at the marketplace. This was the case in the 50’s for Albert von Goertz’s classic 1956 BMW 507, which ironically is now one of the most sought after classic cars in the contemporary market. The Series I, produced between 1956 and 1957, is of slightly awkward configuration; the vehicle’s 29.2-gallon fuel tank is located behind the rear seats, making sitting cramped and limiting storage space in the back. This minor flaw was later corrected for subsequent cars. However, its initial economic failure is due not to design flaws or lack of aesthetic appeal – indeed, with elegantly sloping lines that managed to convey both energy and power, it was hailed by critics as a masterpiece – but rather due to the struggling German economy in which it was constructed. Its final market price was double what it was projected to be, and nonetheless the manufacturers did not turn a profit. For this reason, it is a rare treasure, as there are only 252 known to have been made. For its beauty and rarity, this beautiful model is now a great prize to any collector that can get his hands on it.

1956 BMW 507 Seller’s Guide


With how extraordinarily few existed in the first place, a 1956 BMW 507 for sale is an event for the ages, liable to be rife with drama, stress, conflict, and of course, massive sums of money. While this is to be expected, odds are that few- or no- sellers would take well to that sort of situation, and why would they? But how can attempting to sell an extremely rare luxury car be made less stressful? One possible solution is to call Alex Manos and his team. Alex Manos, and his staff, are among the most experienced professionals in the classic car market in the entire United States.

Constantly aware of market fluctuations and conditions, and with an eye for accurate and thorough evaluation, Alex Manos can remove the hassle and stress from any sale, so give him a call today!



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Classic BMW 507

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