Selling a 1956 BMW Isetta


1956 BMW Isetta
1956 BMW Isetta

The 1956 BMW Isetta marked two years of production under BMW’s watch. Unlike before when the German government said they would give licenses to these vehicles, they decided to take back their word and only license small motorcycles. BMW then decided to make the Isetta even smaller and make a BMW Isetta microcar. Speaking to this, BMW released the Isetta MotoCoupe Deluxe in October of 1956. This microcar had a sliding glass window, which replaced the bubble windows on the sides of the vehicle making the car more versatile and convenient for passengers who wanted the wind in their hair. The car engineers at BMW also increased the compression ratio to 7:1 and enlarged the single cylinder motorcycle motor. However, the top speed still remained the same at 53 miles per hour. Many collectors and European car aficionados would be happy to have this classic beauty in their possession.


1956 BMW Isetta Seller’s Guide

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