Selling a 1957 BMW 507


1957 BMW 507

Like its brother of the prior year, the 1957 BMW 507 was born in inauspicious times. With the German economy struggling after two disastrous world wars, BMW was unable to turn a profit on this line, nearly going bankrupt in the process. However, this model was not without its successes. Much like its older brother, the ‘56 BMW 507, the car boasted bold and modern flowing lines along its frame; however, it managed to improve on the major flaw of the ‘56 model: the massive fuel tank, once occupying an awkward space in the back with passengers and cargo, was relocating, freeing up the interior and preventing gas fumes from potentially building up inside. A rare and elegant vehicle, as well a triumph in engineering and luxury design, enthusiasts ardently treasure this model, a welcome change from its initial lack of success in the auto market.

1957 BMW 507 Seller’s Guide


The 1957 BMW 507, while unsuccessful when it was first produced, is definitely among the rarest, most sought-after classic cars in the world. There are no readily available estimates as to how many are in the US, but with how few were even made to begin with, selling this car would be a truly monumental occurrence- anyone who knows anything about classic cars will hear of it, unless it changes hands extraordinarily quietly. Such quiet exchanges are typically how such high-value cars are sold, the alternative generally being a highly advertised auction, taking place over the course of several frantic and stressful days. There is, however, a third option: Alex Manos. Alex and his team are among the most respected and honest classic car enthusiasts in America, and they’re in the market for any and all classic cars, in any condition.

From the lowly 600 to this, the master crafted 507, Alex and his staff can give an extremely accurate look at the market, and meticulously and exhaustively determine the true value of the car based on all conceivable factors! They can also coordinate pick-up of the car from ANY location in the US. Give Alex Manos a call today!



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