Selling a 1959 BMW 600


1959 BMW 600

Rather than saving the company from bankruptcy, the 1959 BMW 600 faced staunch competition from the less expensive and more popular Volkswagen Beetle, along with a shift of demand towards fuller, more imposing cars, rather than the egg-shaped economy cars created to confront the problem of almost universally sparse resources. The 600 did the last thing that BMW could afford it to do: it fell far short of expectations. As such, it was discontinued after less than two full years of production. Despite being an economic failure, the 600 worked as a base for the future. Many engineering decisions that went into its makeup were implemented in all BMW models up until the early 1990s. It also provided the basis and was the direct inspiration for the car that would save BMW, the wildly popular 700. However, regardless of its influence, many forget the 600 over the more memorable Isetta 300, and both of those are certainly buried beneath the icon that the 600 preceded—the 700.

1959 BMW 600 Seller’s Guide


An economic failure that wasn’t too widespread to begin with, the 1959 BMW 600 is quite the uncommon find in this day and age. Being a very odd-looking economy car that’s just a mite too expensive to outcompete more utilitarian options in a time of frantic economic crisis- recovering though it may have been- is not a very fortunate thing to be, as a car. As such, it was not widely regarded as important enough to preserve. Many are little more than nearly unidentifiable rusting hulks, many exist as scrap or have already been recycled, some even lay buried! However, some survived, in various conditions, and make for an excellent addition to any classic car collection, or the perfect subject for restorations. If you have one of these misplaced- yet adorable- machines, in any condition, and are looking to sell it, or even just for advice, the first person you should contact is Alex Manos!

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