Selling a 1962 BMW 700


1962 BMW 700

At a glance the 1962 BMW 700 doesn’t seem too special. But this saloon is different from those of previous years in one respect: the original was replaced with the 700 Luxus, whose wheelbase was extended by 16 centimeters, or 6.3 inches. Half a foot of extra space was an unprecedented addition in the era of economy cars. BMW having the money and resources available to add to a car merely for the sake of comfort was indicative of their return to a stable order, but also a society shattered by war and poverty finding time for leisure and happy days again. It’s fitting then, that BMW would use their restored wealth to improve the car that kicked it all off- the 700! However, they weren’t entirely focused on the 700s. There was another project in the works that would embody BMW’s emergence from the long, dark night of the post-war. Said project would eventually lead to the 700 going out of production, but in ‘62 it still had some miles left to go.

1962 BMW 700 Seller’s Guide


At first glance, the 1962 BMW 700 looks perfect for a beginner in the classic car market: it had a relatively large production run, was well-made, isn’t particularly difficult to maintain, and was charming enough that many took it upon themselves to preserve some examples impeccably. However, it has a major problem that has kept it from the recognition that it should probably enjoy here in the US: the existence of the Atlantic Ocean, along with the terrible state of the German economy at the time the car was originally manufactured. This means, essentially, that the 700 is not very widely available in the US, and as such, its values are not what you’d expect.

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