Selling a 1962 BMW Isetta


1962 BMW Isetta
1962 BMW Isetta

The 1962 BMW Isetta 300, or 1962 BMW Isetta, was the last Isetta model manufactured by BMW. This cute bubble car was coveted by many people, not only because of its fuel efficiency, but also due to its unique and micro design. The car could go a maximum speed of 53 miles per hour and get a whopping 78 miles to the gallon using a one-cylinder, four-stroke motorcycle motor. The interior of this vehicle was always very creative even though there wasn’t much cab space to work with. The sliding glass windows on the sides of the vehicles allowed for excellent airflow and a dynamic feel to the vehicle. The braking system on these vehicles was quite efficient, even though these vehicles did not get up to very high speeds. No matter how old these vehicles get, they will always remain first class collectibles.


1962 BMW Isetta Seller’s Guide

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