Selling a 1964 BMW 1800


1964 BMW 1800

It is difficult to overstate just how far Bayerische Motoren Werke had come in a brief two-three years of reinvention, rebranding, and reintroduction to the car-buying public. But the 1964 BMW 1800 was availed to an eager marketplace at a time when the car manufacturer’s fortunes seemed impossible ascendant. The New Class sedans were enjoying unforeseen commercial success, allowing the Bavarian automotive player to spend somewhat freely on the production of improved and powered-up variants. The 1964 BMW 1800, the second of its kind, was just such a powered-up variant. Though complaints about the 1500 models had been relatively few in number, acceleration and top-speed disappointment had come up from time to time. The 1.8-liter M10 SOHC motor was an intuitive and very practical answer, as the M10 had been conceptualized with reconfiguration in mind. Upgrading from 1.5 to 1.8 liters was well within the engine’s structural tolerances.

But the 1964 BMW 1800 was more than its engine, and more than the sum of its parts, at least symbolically. In many respects, it marked a turning point for the Bavarian automobile pioneer, a company which had flirted with an untimely demise five years earlier but was now ascendant commercially and in terms of its engineering prestige. The 1800 series showcased BMW’s capacity to address consumer demand while keeping itself relevant and innovative. A new age was dawning in the automotive realm, and BMW’s 1800 series represented the company’s intention to play a major role in what was ahead. The passage of time allows us to reflect with context on just how all of that played out, and the story bodes well for owners interested in selling their own BMW 1800.

1964 BMW 1800 Seller’s Guide


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