Selling a 1966 BMW 2000


1966 BMW 2000

Not many expected much power out of a mid-sized sedan before the advent of the BMW 2000TI. An offshoot of the 1966 BMW 2000, the TI looks a little different; while having retained the 1800’s headlights and tail lights, the most significant difference is what’s under the hood. The 2000TI employed twin-carburetors, capable of putting out up to 120 horsepower, making this sedan one of the most potent of its day. Fulfilling and fun to drive, the latest poster-boy of the New Class sedans became a public darling. This consistent success on the part of BMW was not just a string of good luck; it was the result of shrewd management and careful observance of the market. The source of all this is most often traced to Herbert Quandt, a man who had a hand in saving the company from being absorbed by Mercedes-Benz before the miracle that was the BMW 700, and subsequently invested heavily in BMW.

1966 BMW 2000 Seller’s Guide


In the case of the 1966 BMW 2000, there are multiple model variations available, meaning even more factors to consider when the value of the car is being judged. This, along with advertising, scheduling meetings and test-drives, taking the car to various inspectors and mechanics, and haggling over the price of the car with would-be buyers, are all part of the stress of selling a classic car. All of it is avoidable stress that you don’t need to inflict upon your life, and the method of avoidance isn’t to not sell: it is to call Alex Manos. Standing among the premieres in the classic car realm, Alex and his team have the experience, technical know-how, and procedure which takes as much of the burden off of you as possible, to make selling your car less stressful and not the ridiculous hassle it typically is.

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