Selling a 1969 BMW 2000


1969 BMW 2000

The last production year of the New Class proper, the 1969 BMW 2000, was nothing if not eventful. Rather than let one of its most successful lines of cars ever go out without so much as a whimper, as BMW moved on to new and greener prospects, the company elected to give it a viking funeral, and let the New Class go out with a fuel-injected bang! This came in the form of the 2000tii, BMW’s first-ever fuel-injected model, of which under two thousand were produced. With the fuel injection came a corresponding boost in power- the 2000tii could produce 130 horsepower and an immense amount of torque. Aside from the 2000tii, the other models of 2000 were still produced, though they weren’t quite so rare as the new fuel-injected model, which was possibly the most rare of any New Class sedan.

1969 BMW 2000 Seller’s Guide


As the last production year, a 1969 BMW 2000 could attract a sizable crowd of sentimental buyers from all over the place, but a 2000tii could turn that crowd into an almost clamoring multitude. Needless to say, be sure of what you’ve got, and unless you’re at an auction with it, never meet more than one potential buyer at a time. Not only does it confuse things immensely, it also introduces a level of stress to the situation that is entirely unnecessary! In addition, even if you feel confident in your knowledge of the history of the car, and any repairs it might need or issues it may have, you should get it inspected by someone who not only makes a living off of both inspecting and fixing cars, but for whom the cars themselves are a form of livelihood. That someone is Alex Manos. Accompanied by a team of expert staff, Alex Manos can evaluate your car professionally and thoroughly, even taking into account the current market trends! And, should you want to sell at that value and no lower, Alex Manos will buy your car with cash, at cent-for-cent the value he told you your car was worth earlier.

But don’t take our word for it. If you feel ready to sell your classic car, just want it evaluated, or just want some advice, don’t hesitate for an instant to call Alex Manos!



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