Selling a 1970 BMW 2000 Sedan


1970 BMW 2000 Sedan

There must surely have been a sense of melancholy in the Bavarian Motor Works hallways as 1969 gave way to 1970. A stunning turnaround had been achieved, beginning in 1961, with the introduction of Neue Klasse (New Class) sedans—the model that had given rise to BMW’s astronomical resurgence. But whatever there might have been in the way of sorrow was likely overshadowed by the excitement of all that lay ahead. The 1970 BMW 2000 Sedan, which had overtaken the 1800 series as BMW’s sedan standard-bearer, was in its prime and was the effective template for the company’s overarching approach to vehicle design. A seemingly improbable amalgam of luxury, racing power, driver comfort, and safe handling, the 1970 BMW 2000 Sedan was a signal to the automotive industry that the old standards were no longer competitive; sedan practicality was not an excuse to under-power the car’s engine, nor would a strong engine necessarily come at the expense of safety and drivability. Those attributes that we now reflexively associate with BMW were coming into full view with the 2000 series, particularly by the 1970s.

What is notable about the 1970 BMW 2000 Sedan is those areas in which it had stayed ardently faithful to the New Class formula. Its chassis, emphasis upon visibility, hardy exterior, and distinctive front end were all clearly of direct relation to its New Class precursors. The most singular and definitive of changes was to be found under the 2000’s hood. As had been the case for the 1500, the 1600, and the 1800, the 2000 series was animated by Baron Falkenhausen’s endlessly modifiable M10 SOHC motor. In this case, the 2-liter (1990 cc) produced a throaty 100+ horsepower at 90 kW and allowed the 2000 to completely outpace every New Class model that had come before it. Even now, nearly fifty years later, the 2000 series holds up, to some degree, based on the top speed and torque of its well-made engine. Sellers take note—the 1970 2000 Sedan is attractive for reasons of both its classic status and its terrific power.

1970 BMW 2000 Sedan Seller’s Guide


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