Selling a 1972 BMW 2000 Sedan


1972 BMW 2000 Sedan

Bavarian Motor Works’ New Class sedans were produced over the course of a decade-and-a-half, from 1962-1977, and were a case study in marketing/engineering success. The various models released from 1962 onwards were produced in wildly different numbers, but all were more or less well received by a public which was apparently pleased for BMW’s post-1950s revival. While the 1500 series had primed the public for the New Class concept, it was the larger engine and improved performance embodied in the 1800 series that would really launch BMW into the upper limits of sales success. And the 1800 saw a fairly long shelf life, with around 150,000 produced over eight years’ time. By the mid-1960s, however, even the 1800 was revealed to be a stepping stone, as the 2000 series made its debut and outdid its every predecessor. Following a terrific production run, the 1972 BMW 2000 Sedan, for all of its merits, was nevertheless the last of its kind.

Each discontinuation of a New Class model was representative of BMW’s pattern of ceaseless improvement and innovation. This is to say that even the 1972 BMW 2000 Sedan was fated to be replaced by a worthy successor, in much the same way it had been introduced to outclass the very solid and popular 1800. But that 2-liter M10 SOHC, the M05 variant, which heartily powered the 1972 BMW 2000 Sedan along, had some life left in it. And regardless of how or when the 2000 series was ultimately phased out, the supremely classy, hyper-powered, cosmetically appealing New Class sedan had already left an important mark upon the BMW legacy. And that legacy is exactly what is for sale in the modern market, though sellers might also consider stressing the high performance features and excellent horsepower housed under that hood.

1972 BMW 2000 Sedan Seller’s Guide


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