Selling a BMW 3.0 CS


BMW 3.0 CS
BMW 3.0 CS

The BMW 3.0 CS was the model that followed the BMW 2800 CS model made by Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). BMW began production on the BMW 3.0 CS in 1971. This car was different from other BMW models preceding it because the 3.0-liter engine was introduced to drivers of the time in this model. This is part of the reason that these vehicles are so collectible with today’s classic car aficionados. The 3.0-liter engine was new and improved. It had a compression ratio of 9 to 1, making it the most innovative that BMW had ever worked with before. It also had twin Zenith carburetors and was capable of supplying 180 horsepower to the vehicle. Disc brakes came standard on this vehicle, which was an upgrade from previously manufactured BMW vehicles that had the traditional drum brakes. Overall, this vehicle was BMW first transitioning to becoming a luxury sport car.


BMW 3.0 CS Seller’s Guide

If you have a BMW 3.0 CS that you’re ready to sell, but don’t know where to begin with the selling process, let the experts at the Alex Manos showroom start you off on the right foot. They can supply you with an estimate of your car’s current worth in the car market based off of your car’s features and upgrades. This will help you to adequately market your vehicle to the right buyers. Also, after they perform the estimate, they will make you a cash offer right there and make the process simple so that you can get the money you deserve while making a minimal effort to sell the vehicle yourself. Make the selling process easy on yourself and enlist the expertise of the Alex Manos team. Even if your car is not located anywhere near to the Los Angeles area, the Alex Manos team will coordinate with you to pick-up the vehicle after sale, even if you live in Alaska. They are completely devoted to the classic car customer.

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