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BMW 1500

The BMW Neue Klasse (New Class) sedans, which revitalized the struggling automobile manufacturer’s operation throughout the 1960s and 1970s, were introduced to the public in 1961 with the BMW 1500. Many iterations and model variants would be released throughout the New Class lifespan, which was a direct reflection of the concept’s commercial success. But it all began with the 1500 series, a model which moved the “consumer trust” needle in BMW’s favor almost immediately, and which served as the template for later New Class models. Though the 1500’s 1.5-liter (1,499 cc) engine, which produced around 80 horsepower, was not a major selling point, the M10 SOHC was very tightly engineered and was by and large suitable for family sedan purposes. What was well received by the buying public was the BMW 1500’s ample trunk/luggage space, its excellent visibility, and the comfortable seating position and feel. In other words, it was an “all things to all people” engineering feat which really only lacked in gut-twisting engine performance.

Benefiting from its place in history as having been the first of its kind, there exists quite a bit of demand for the BMW 1500 in the classic car community. The New Class sedans occupy a unique place in automotive history, having both pulled BMW back from the precipice and reintroduced the public to a manufacturing icon. Sellers playing with the idea of putting their BMW 1500 on the market have options available to them that they might not have considered. Well-run specialty dealerships are positioned to buy, restore, and sell classic car, which makes them ideal connections for those interested in parting ways with that decades old gem taking up garage space.

BMW 1500 Seller’s Guide


Few car dealers in the vintage automobile selling/buying business are as respected and skilled as Alex Manos. Though the experts at are happy to look at your BMW 1500, they also have a few recommendations to offer for those who are entertaining the idea of selling on their own. For one, accurate information is key to holding a prospective buyer’s interest; year, condition, location, color, et cetera. Second, make sure the photographs are professional or near-professional quality; image goes a long way. Finally, keep the classic car community up to speed; working with fellow enthusiasts will help in the word of mouth regard. You are always welcome to shop your rust of bolts past Alex Manos for a helpful assessment. Reach out today and ready your classic car for a quick selling process.



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If you’re near the Los Angeles area, make a trip out to our lot and see what cars compare to your Classic BMW. We work with buyers everywhere in the US, so even if you live remotely we want to talk about selling your classic car. I’m Alex Manos, and I love buying classic cars!


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