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BMW 1600 GT

The BMW 1600 GT occupies an odd place in the New Class story. Introduced in 1964, a year after the exceedingly popular and well-selling 1800 series, this iteration was intended to pick up where the 1500 series was soon to leave off. By any objective measure, that is precisely what happened, as the BMW 1600 GT was not overly distinctive in appearance when compared with its predecessor. Nor, for that matter, was the engine size dramatically increased. Of course, the difference between 1,499 cc displacement and 1,573 is notable in terms of engine power, but having been released in indirect competition with the far gutsier 1800, this model had a difficult time in finding its market. What it represented, however, was BMW’s rejection of complacency as a way of business. Each model was a work in progress, something to be actively improved upon.

If the BMW 1600 GT is noteworthy for anything outside of its being a direct replacement for the 1500, it is the relatively modest production numbers it ultimately yielded. In 1964, for instance, only 2,131 were released into the wild. The following year saw that number increase to nearly 6,400. For a bit of context, the lowest unit production year for the 1800 series was 1971, during which nearly 7,700 rolled out of the factories. During the 1600’s final production year, only 1,202 were manufactured. In total, the BMW 1600 was manufactured in numbers amounting to fewer than 10,000. Rarity, perhaps above all else, renders the 1600 GT distinctive within its BMW family.

BMW 1600 GT Seller’s Guide


Rarity and distinctiveness are classic car attributes with which Alex Manos is strongly acquainted. Work with Alex Manos in the evaluating of your own BMW relic, as he will be able to provide you with quick, concise, and immediately useful information regarding the car’s marketability and condition. Alex Manos can also help you by providing sales pointers, such as knowing what information to include in your listing (hint: all of it), how best to photograph your car, and so on. Afford Alex Manos an opportunity to earn your trust and your business.



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