Selling a BMW 1600


BMW 1600

While saved from the brink of ruin by the eminently popular 700, BMW met another patch of rough country. In reaction to these difficulties came the BMW 1500 and the rise of the Neue Klasse or New Class- cars that were stylish and sporty with a bit of legroom, yet still affordable. Beforehand, their whole catalogue had been made up of luxury coupes and then smaller, much more affordable economy saloons. But this fledgling jack-of-all-trades approach proved much more successful, and in 1964 a new model found its way into the fray- the BMW 1600. While in many ways indistinct from the 1500, the new model brought a new engine, and further down the line a two-door option (with even more juice) became available to complement its four-door brother as one of the most iconic automobiles of the era.

BMW 1600 Seller’s Guide


Due to the relative rarity of the model, in comparison to its other New Class sedan brethren, the BMW 1600 has a few specific concerns, if you’re considering selling. One of these is the originality of the car itself. Many buyers will shy away from an example that’s had 3rd-party repairs on it, even if they were the work of a past owner, rather than you. Conversely, buyers might also run for the hills from an example that, while retaining its original parts, has thus fallen into moderate disrepair. If a car doesn’t start, it might be disregarded as “just an expensive doorstop”, despite the fact that most classic cars aren’t driven at all anywhere, rather just put behind glass and “preserved”. If you’re looking for a buyer who doesn’t deal in nonsense, Alex Manos is your man.

Driven forward by passion for classic cars, Alex and his team work tirelessly to get your car evaluated properly and exhaustively. They buy classic cars of all makes and models, in all conditions, so it’s very likely you’ll get an offer, even from your unfortunate basket case of a 1600! Don’t wait, call Alex Manos today and set up a consultation!

Few are better suited to providing selling advice to anyone who may ask for it, and fewer still will make an exhaustive evaluation of the car and offer you that same exact number in cold, hard cash. Call Alex Manos today!



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