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BMW 1800

The 1960s were becoming a boon period for BMW, the German car manufacturer whose New Class sedans had invigorated its production line and restored the company to financial health. This turnaround had happened fairly quickly and was initially owed to the 1500 models which appeared on the scene in 1961 and were entered the sales market a year later. Fast-forward three years and BMW was aggressively expanding its inventory, its design lineup, and its consumer base. Now committed to innovation and ongoing reinvention, BMW was actively marginalizing the beloved 1500 in favor of a stronger, classier BMW 1800 that looked to eclipse its predecessor in essentially every regard.

Certain aspects of the Neue Klasse sedans were inescapable and linked the old to the new with each successive iteration. In this way, the BMW 1800 was not a wholesale departure from the 1500, as its chassis, M10 engine, and overall aesthetic remained largely intact. It was a continuity BMW was happy to maintain, if only to ensure the New Class concept continued to reshape the automotive community. But those differences that did materialize were both self-evident and immediately welcomed by the public they were meant to impress. Above all was the question of power—the BMW 1800 simply had more of it. The M10 SOHC motor, the very heart of the New Class line, was configurable by design and had in this case been bored out to allow for a 1.8-liter (1,766 cc) displacement. An increase of 10 horsepower was the result, or enough power to seem at least somewhat familiar to modern buyers. Sellers might emphasize this aspect when dealing with prospective buyers.

BMW 1800 Seller’s Guide


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