Selling a BMW 2000 Sedan


BMW 2000 Sedan

What had started for BMW in 1961 with the introduction of New Class sedans was continuing along with ongoing success across several sedan options by 1965. The rate at which BMW carried on with the rolling out of successor models, improvements to existing designs, and incremental changes throughout its vehicle stable was truly paramount during this time. A year after the 1500 was first sold to an eager public, the by and large superior 1800 entered the marketplace. These were followed in 1964 by an in-between option, the 1600, which was produced in relatively small numbers. The modest manufacturing numbers were perhaps due to the 1965 release of the BMW 2000 Sedan, a powerful 75kW augmentation over the 67kW 1800, but one that also emphasized polite elegance and subtle class. The BMW 2000 Sedan signaled yet another game-changing moment for the Bavarian car manufacturer.

For all of its effortless sophistication, its consciously distinctive taillights, and its overall sharp appearance, the BMW 2000 Sedan was also a major testament to the engineering triumph that was the M10 SOHC motor. In the 2000’s case, the M10 had been (yet again) reconfigured, this time to allow for a 1,990cc displacement that produced a healthy 101 horses under that recognizable hood. Certain 2000 variants would offer increased interior luxury, as well as a fuel-injection system. Across the board, however, the 2000 Sedan was simply a crisply designed high-end sports ride with a ton of punching power and excellent handling. Markets for these steeds have never completely waned, in the event that you are looking to put one up for sale.

BMW 2000 Sedan Seller’s Guide


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