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BMW 2000CS

The BMW 2000CS is a dream machine. Featuring a twin-carburetor two-liter four-cylinder, this arsenal of joy could output 120 horsepower at 5500 revolutions per minute! Fast, sleek, and chic, this coupe rolled off the assembly line with attitude, exactly 9,999 being made over its four years of production (1965-1969). There were two variants, one for Europeans with trendy rectangular headlights, and one for North Americans with four small, round headlights. America only allowed circular headlights at the time, but that certainly wasn’t the strangest thing about this car. While the body was based mainly on the body of the 3200 CS, as well as the other New Class cars, the style of the front was notably different in that there was mostly nothing on it aside from a tiny double-kidney grill, and those oh so contentious headlights.

BMW 2000CS Seller’s Guide


Due to legislation present in North America, there are two versions of the BMW 2000CS: One with a set of four round headlights, which was imported here, and then the version with rectangular headlines that was far more numerous and kept in Europe. Not many of the North American version were made and imported, and even fewer of the European style made it here over the years, and so this New Class coupe is quite rare and not-often sold. If you’re looking to sell, however, one of your first phone calls should be Alex Manos. Alex is one of the premiere classic car enthusiasts on the West Coast, and there are few people on Earth more qualified to inspect your 2000 CS, or indeed, few people more qualified to make you a great offer on it. The head of a team of experts in the classic car industry, Alex is sure to give you the true value of your beloved 2000 CS, based on the current markets and an exhaustive examination of the vehicle.

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