Selling a BMW 2002 tii


BMW 2002 tii

As the 1960s gave way to the 1970s, BMW found itself on firm financial footing and had reinvented itself as a reliable producer of high-quality, reasonably priced, handsomely designed sports sedans. The Neue Klasse (New Class) models had successively improved upon every New Class with greater engine power, better handling, and superior design, effectively demonstrating a capacity for sustained innovation and marketplace appeal. With its future hinging upon the maintaining of this impression, the Bavarian automobile manufacturer upped the ante once again with the BMW 2002 tii. Based largely upon the New Class design, the differences were found as much in the car’s aesthetics as in its engine power and its agile handling. The BMW 2002 tii was a conscious departure from the earlier 1600 and 1800 models as it was an ode to their favorable reception in the democracy of consumer-driven economics.

When the 02 Series came into being in 1966, the New Class characteristics had already been firmly established in the minds of everyday buyers and professional vehicle analysts alike. Sturdy construction, lean engine, and a comfortable drive had characterized every post-1961 BMW release, and would therefore serve as the new baseline for the brand’s quality standards. In this way, the BMW 2002 tii met expectations across the board, and exceeded them in certain respects. It was a shorter, tighter design by comparison to its 4-door predecessors, and punched above its weight class with a hardy 2.0-liter engine. With a top-speed of 115 miles per hour and the sharp look of a lean 2-door ride, the tii was just the perfect design for BMW to extend beyond its standard New Class aesthetic. There remains a healthy demand for these models, and savvy dealers know to pick them up when possible.

BMW 2002 tii Seller’s Guide


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