Selling a BMW 2002


BMW 2002

By the mid-1960s, BMW was actively working to strengthen the position of financial stability and commercial viability that its New Class sedans had helped to usher in. This meant covering down on as broad a swath of the sports car market as was possible. Innovative designs, reconfigured engines, cutting edge features—all of these would play their part in keeping alive BMW’s forward momentum. As the New Class models were keeping the standard sedan buyer content, the 02 Series was introduced as a more agile counterpart for drivers looking for a tighter drive. The BMW 2002 was debuted to satisfy the racer’s urge, though its origin was born of coincidence.

When engineer Alex von Falkenhausen, creator of the dynamic M10 motor, realized he and BMW product director Helmut Werner had made the same engine modification to their respective 1600-2s, the BMW 2002 was inadvertently born. Craving a bit more muscle under the hood, each had upgraded their ride to a heftier two-liter engine. This was a significant upgrade for the compact model, which drove a bit more muscularly than the 1600 version, zipped about like a fireplug, and handled with the sportiness for which BMW was becoming renowned. Recognizing that they had something marketable and credible on their hands, Falkenhausen and Werner made their case for mass production to the company leadership. They were successful in their efforts and the BMW 2002 was greenlit for consumer sale. And modern day buyers have sales options available to them as well, and a respected connection in the industry who lives to connect sports car enthusiasts with rides suitable for their tastes.

BMW 2002 Seller’s Guide


Finding a buyer for your classic car can amount to a long-term headache, particularly if the vehicle is in something less than top condition. Advertising costs, strangers dropping by to assess the car only to make an embarrassingly low offer, transporting the car once sold, and so on. None of that hassle is necessary, as Alex Manos works with buyers across the spectrum in buying sports cars of all sorts, regardless of condition. Whether you need the garage space or just don’t have time for a restoration undertaking, Alex Manos will provide a fair assessment of your car before making a reasonable cash offer. Alex Manos will even handle the transportation logistics once a deal is reached. Call Alex Manos today and get the conversation started—selling your classic is within reach.



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If you’re in Southern California, make a trip to our lot and see what cars compare to your Classic BMW. We work with buyers everywhere in the US, so even if you live remotely, We Want To Talk about selling your classic car. I’m Alex Manos, and I love buying classic cars!


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