Selling a BMW 3200 CS


BMW 3200 CS

Created during the time when BMW was targeting the desires and pockets of the affluent, the incredible luxury coupe, the BMW 3200 CS, stood in contrast to the efficient and affordable micro-economy cars such as the 600 and 700. This exquisitely and lovingly handcrafted 3200 CS was a coupe built in a way that would cost millions of dollars today. One of the first of BMW’s vehicles to feature the Hofmeister Kink, as well as the last of BMW’s early post-war luxury coupe line, it has left an indelible mark on BMW’s car design, seen in even its most modern cars. The 3200 CS was the last car with a massive V8 engine and a solid rear axle to appear from BMW’s warehouses for many years. Not only is it unique in how it runs, but in how many it seats. It can easily seat four people in luxurious comfort. BMW only built 603 of this beautiful, handcrafted model. Even if every car produced survived until today, the 3200 CS would be an extremely rare car, incomparable to others.

BMW 3200 CS Seller’s Guide


One of the main things to keep in mind when selling a BMW 3200 is this: DO NOT have parts of the car replaced unless it is somehow absolutely necessary for you to do so. Do not alter the paint, the interior, or indeed anything. With how mind-blowingly rare this car is, it will be worth the most if it is as true to its original condition as possible, which means trying to keep everything how it was when it rolled off the assembly line. A dent or a few scratches here or there is liable to affect the value far less than mending or replacing the panel that the damage is on, for instance.

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