Selling a BMW 507


BMW 507

Being revealed in 1955, and starting its puny production run of 252 units in November of the next year, the BMW 507 was intended to raise awareness and opinion of BMW as a company in North America, mostly the United States. However, due to the horrendous state of the German economy at the time of the Allied Occupation, resources were scarce and production costs were thoroughly ridiculous. This forced the final price of the car to be more than double what it was originally advertised for, effectively killing its sales potential- as even at this more-than-doubled price, BMW still lost money on each unit sold. Despite all this stacked against it, the noble 507 is very highly sought-after today. It is a beautiful car, designed by a man by the name of Albrecht von Goertz- who also designed the 503. The 507 is essentially a 503 with less bulk and a shortened wheelbase, though the 507 is also very widely regarded as more attractive than the 503- and is in higher demand than its bulkier counterpart in the current market.

BMW 507 Seller’s Guide


Such a rare gem of a car as the BMW 507 entails more than a little extra work on the part of the seller. Potential buyers will be intensely interested in the authenticity, originality, and the precise condition of the car- and rightfully so, as less than three hundred of these opulent dream-machines were produced. Although what is on the buyer and what is on the seller in terms of the verification of the car is up for debate, any potential buyer is much more likely to trust you if you have all the documentation and mechanical records of the car available to them from the start, and a potential buyer who trusts you is far more likely to commit to buying than a buyer who is suspicious. And the trust street goes both ways- if you get a bad feeling about any potential buyer, it’s recommended that you not go through with the deal.

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