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BMW 600

Always to be remembered fondly, with perhaps a faint smile, is the BMW 600. The BMW of the late 1950s found itself, along with the rest of Germany, weathering wave after wave of financial difficulties. Gas prices were high, and few people were buying BMW’s other luxury models when they were simply not economically viable. In response, the company started production of an affordable economy vehicle, inspired in part by the memorable Isetta bubble car. While it was structurally similar to the Isetta in the front, BMW had use an innovative new suspension system to expand the back to allow for a total of four passengers. Space efficient, cost effective, and powered by a strong but inexpensive motorcycle engine, the 600 was the first relative commercial success for the company after a difficult decade- though it wouldn’t last that way.

BMW 600 Seller’s Guide


Due mainly to unpopularity and cheapness, not many BMW 600s have survived today in good condition, despite how many were made. They’re pretty popular among amateur restorers, like its smaller, more successful brother, the 300 Isetta, given that they were cheaply-made, relative to other BMW models, and lack of resources necessitated that they be rather uncomplicated. The value of the 600 series varies wildly based on their condition, and are more uncommon than their original, somewhat numerous production run might suggest. This is mostly because many were neglected and left to rot, or scrapped and broken down. However, if you find a BMW 600, in any condition, and want the best amount of money for your find, based on a thoroughly calculated value, one of your first phone calls should be to Alex Manos.

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