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BMW 700

Produced for roughly seven years, from 1959 to 1965, the BMW 700 is a classic micro-economy car based for the most part on the previous BMW 600- except it looks more like a car than a spaceship. And it’s quite the handsome car, as well. The reason behind re-using most of the internal design of the 600 was simple: BMW simply did not have the resources or funds necessary to design an entirely new car. Thankfully, the 600 was extremely well-designed, to the point where the rear suspension was used in BMW models long after the 600 and 700 came and went. In total, nearly 200,000 700’s were manufactured, mostly as saloons, but followed by coupes, and then convertibles. It was first showcased at the 1959 Frankfurt Motor Show, and was a smash success.

BMW 700 Seller’s Guide


The BMW 700 is a numerous and wonderful example of a truly classic car. The first of Postwar-BMW’s vehicles to break the 100,000 units sold mark- and blow past it, nearly reaching 200,000, the 700 is nearly legendary in the classic car enthusiast community,, which is understandable, as it saved BMW from almost certain destruction. Due to being so overwhelmingly popular, far more examples of the 700 have survived to this day compared to many other classic cars. This being the case, one might expect that its lack of rarity, as compared to other classic cars of the time, might negatively impact its value. However, due to its variety, I.E. the number of distinctly different model variants, the 700 does extraordinarily well for those looking to get into the classic car market or those otherwise inexperienced with these post-war people movers. For details as to the current state of the classic car market, as well as any questions in regards to the value of a BMW 700, you should call Alex Manos!

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