Selling a BMW New Six CS / BMW E9


BMW New Six CS / BMW E9

More than anything else, the Bavarian Motor Works New Class sedans had demonstrated to the world that BMW was a dynamic automobile manufacturer to be taken seriously across the board. Releasing the 1500 model in 1961, a make-or-break year for the company, BMW gambled on its ability to innovate and market with equal effectiveness. And the gamble had paid off nicely. One design (and design variant) after another had proven itself commercially viable, and each iteration was released having addressed shortcomings present in earlier versions. Then, in 1968, seven years after the New Class debut, BMW took another engineering and design leap forward—they did so with the BMW New Six CS / BMW E9. By that late in the decade, BMW had cemented itself as a serious player in terms of motor dynamics and ingenuity. Where the coupé BMW New Six CS / BMW E9 changed the game was in its highly sporty appearance and departure from the tamer New Class sedan model.

Because the New Class was essentially the heart/soul of BMW throughout the 1960s, any models unveiled during that era were certain to possess imprints of the design and mechanics of that class. The BMW New Six CS / BMW E9 had, along those lines, its origins in the BMW 2000’s coupé variant. Origins aside, the New Six was easily differentiated from the New Class line by an appearance that immediately betrayed its enormous engine. This straight-6 SOHC engine, known as the M30, was categorically more powerful than even the 2-liter M10 used in the 2000 series. So well designed, adaptable, and strong was the M30 motor, it would go on to be manufactured over the course of 25 years after its release. In terms of both style and might, the New Six / E9 solidified BMW as an eminent contributor to the sports car community. And unlike the New Class sedans (which were designed with practicality and performance in mind), the E9 was geared up primarily for sportier applications.

BMW New Six CS / BMW E9 Seller’s Guide


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