Selling a 1955 Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupe


1955 Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupe
1955 Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupe

The 1955 Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupe was part of Jaguar’s illustrious line of XK sports cars and was manufactured during the second-generation, which lasted from 1954 to 1957. When compared to its predecessor, the XK120, the Jaguar XK140 offered more interior space, improved brakes, rack and pinion steering, better suspension and telescopic shock absorbers rather than the original lever arm design. The Fixed Head Coupe body style, a true fixed roof coupe, would also feature a few changes and would share the Drop Head Coupe’s wood-finished dashboard and door inserts, as well as the occasional rear seat placed behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Interestingly, the 1955 Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupe prototype had called for much of the same styling as the previous XK120 Fixed Head Coupe, yet when released, the XK140 offered a lengthened roof and a windscreen that was moved slightly forward. Shorter front wings and longer doors also emerged and passengers were given more interior legroom. These are some of the selling features of the classic 1955 Jaguar XK140 that you should market to potential buyers.


1955 Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupe Seller’s Guide

One of the benefits of selling a 1955 Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupe rather than the Drop Head Coupe or Roadster is the absence of a soft-top or canvas cover. These were known to wear out quickly and therefore having a Fixed Head Coupe with a truly fixed roof eliminates this complaint from buyers. Secondly, although widely popular now, the Fixed Head Coupe was less popular at the time of its release when compared to the Drop Head Coupe and Roadster models, therefore your classic has an appeal that is somewhat based on rarity. One of the best Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team can provide to those thinking about selling a 1955 XK140 FHC is to advertise these points. They also encourage you to be honest and forthcoming about the condition of your classic and to price it based primarily on condition and availability. The classic car market is always changing, however. Perhaps last week there were three XK140 FHC models available for sale and this week there are only two. Maybe one of the most rare Jaguar XK models was just put up for auction, which would affect the asking price of your car. For reasons such as these, it is important to have the guidance and assistance of a classic car expert like those at Based in Los Angeles, they are a California classic car dealership with a wealth of knowledge to share.



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