Selling a 1961 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe


1961 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe
1961 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe

Enzo Ferrari called the 1961 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe “the most beautiful car ever made.” In fact, a blue Roadster model resides in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, one of only six automobiles recognized in the museum. The earliest versions of the Jaguar XKE became known as Series 1 cars, where a special tool was needed to open the hood and the floorboards were flat. These models are considered rare, as Jaguar eventually deep-dished the floorboards to create more legroom and installed a latch mechanism for the hood. If you have one of these rare models, you certainly have a Jaguar of value in today’s classic car market. The initial engine for the Jaguar XKE was a 3.8L triple-carbureted six-cylinder, capable of producing 265 horsepower and 240 lb. foot of torque. This propelled the car from 0-60 in 7 seconds and provided a top speed of nearly 150mph. Jaguar was also one of the first manufacturers to offer four-wheel disc brakes and a fully independent suspension. To tell the difference in earlier models, the Series 1 can be recognized by glass covered headlights, a small mouth grille resting under the hood, signal/tail lights over the bumpers, and an exhaust under the rear license plate. These are some of the identifiers that buyers will use to verify the model-year of your particular XKE Fixed Head Coupe.


1961 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe Seller’s Guide

Luckily, a 1961 Jaguar XKE Fixed Head Coupe is an easier vehicle to find replacement parts for, and buyers will be looking for models of all conditions. Several parts are worth taking a closer look at however, as they can be more difficult than others to find. The windshield and glass throughout the car, for example, must be looked through carefully, as original glass can be hard to come by. This is something that educated buyers will be looking for. Chrome pieces must also be inspected for discoloration and unusual wear, as they sometimes have to be custom made and buyers will need to factor this into their budget. Exhaust systems in the XKE Fixed Head Coupe are also known to rust, like many cars from this era, and are commonly replaced with stainless steel. Buyers will turn to you for any history on the car or documentation that show maintenance or repair records.



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