Selling a 1964 Jaguar E Type


1964 Jaguar E Type
1964 Jaguar E Type

The 1964 Jaguar E Type is popular not only because it offers the beautiful and classic styling of the iconic E Type, but also because it was the year that the XK engine was upgraded from the 3.8L engine to the 4.2L. With their glass enclosed headlamps, smaller mouth air intake and flowing curvature, it is easy to understand why the Jaguar E Type saw more than a decade of production and popularity in both the European and American car markets. Designed with the famous Jaguar D Type racecars in mind, and having won some of the most prestigious sports car races of its time, the E Type was reserved for only the most affluent and fashionable buyers of the time. Perhaps you purchased your 1964 E Type for its beautiful styling. Maybe your father handed it down to you. Did you buy it as a restoration project? Perhaps you recently found a XKE in your late grandparent’s barn that you didn’t know about. No matter how you came about owning a Jaguar E Type, the Alex Manos team understands there is history and emotions tied into every classic. Their team will help you through the sales process and will make it as smooth and successful as possible.


1964 Jaguar E Type Seller’s Guide

The change to the larger 4.2L engine on the 1964 Jaguar E Type addressed many of the problems that owners had experienced with the previous Series I models. Items such as inadequate rear brakes, overheating and uncomfortable seats were now issues of the past. However, today these cars are nearly four decades old. Unless you’re selling a mint-condition or fully restored E Type, there will likely be areas that are in need of repair or restoration; there may even be rust. Putting all emotions aside, you should be realistic in your asking price and should take into consideration recent sales and auctions, rarity of your particular model, and of course, condition. If you pay attention to these Seller’s Tips, you should have no problem gaining interest in your 1964 Jaguar. Before you place your ad online, however, contact the team at Alex Manos to see if your classic will fit into their collection. They are always on the lookout for new classics – of all conditions – to add to their collection and will be happy to offer you top-dollar, in cash for your classic.



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To learn more about the Alex Manos sales process or to inquire about the value of your 1964 Jaguar E Type, please do not hesitate to contact their California classic car dealership today. They look forward to hearing from you soon and to helping you find a new home for your E Type. Connect today!


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