Selling a 1964 Jaguar XKE


1964 Jaguar XKE
1964 Jaguar XKE

In 1964, Jaguar upgraded the popular and well-tested XK engine from 3.8-litres to 4.2-litres and began offering it for release in the 1964 Jaguar XKE. These early Series 1 models also offered closed-in headlights and a smaller mouth air intake compared to the later Jaguar models. Many enthusiasts will tell you that these Series 1 early model Jaguar XKE’s are the most desirable, as they were kin to the Jaguar D-Type racecars of the era. Having won some of the world’s most prestigious sports car races, it was easy to understand why this relative of the Jaguar D-Type was the dream car of many – in the 60’s and for decades to come. Today, many buyers are looking for 1964 Jaguar XKE models of all conditions. Whether you have a XKE body sitting in the garage that needs complete restoration, a mechanically sound XKE that would be a great weekend driver, or a mint-condition example, the team at would like to speak with you. Always looking to purchase classics of all models and conditions, it would be their pleasure to discuss your 1964 Jaguar with you.


1964 Jaguar XKE Seller’s Guide

Selling a 1964 Jaguar XKE can be both exciting and sad. The team at Alex Manos understands the value these classics can have to their owners and want to make the transition as smooth and successful as possible for all involved. When you choose to sell on your own, things can get complicated. For example, once you’ve posted your advertisement online, there will be calls to answer, appointments to schedule, test-drives to take, inspections to make. And, who says the buyers are serious? Secondly, if you do not have the knowledge of a classic car professional, how will you determine the value of your car? Take the worry out of selling your 1964 XKE by calling the team at Alex Manos today. They are always looking for classics to add to their collection and will be happy to offer top dollar, in cash and up front for your auto. Using their industry connections, they can also offer pick up from any location in the United States, including Alaska.



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To learn more about their selling process or to speak directly to Alex and his team regarding your 1964 Jaguar XKE, please do not hesitate to call their offices today. A California classic car dealership based in Los Angeles, they have their finger on the pulse of the classic car market and would be delighted to talk more about your car today! Connect now!