Selling a 1966 Jaguar E Type


1966 Jaguar E Type
1966 Jaguar E Type

One of the most recognizable and iconic British sports cars, the Jaguar E Type saw more than a decade of production and brought in excess of 77,000 units to the European and American market in the 1960s and 1970s. The 1966 model-year marked a new offering for the Jaguar E Type: the 2+2 Coupe. With added rear seats and additional storage, the 1966 Jaguar E Type was nearly nine-inches longer than the Coupe and Roadster models of the time. Also new during 1966, thanks to this added space, an automatic transmission was now offered. The release of the 2+2 Coupe was Jaguar’s attempt at a “family sports car” in the hopes it would lure families to the brand. That being said, the 1966 Jaguar E Type Coupe and Roaster models were basically unchanged from the previous year models. If you’re the owner of a 1966 Jaguar E Type, you probably already know that these 2+2 configurations can be difficult to find. When selling a Jaguar, rarity equals value.


1966 Jaguar E Type Seller’s Guide

The Alex Manos team of California classic car dealership professions is always asked for their best Seller’s Tips when it comes to the 1966 Jaguar E Type. Perhaps the best tip they can offer is to be upfront about the condition of your E Type and to always allow buyers to perform a third-party inspection by a qualified mechanic. First, being upfront about the condition of your classic is paramount. Don’t worry – there are buyers looking for all types of classics. From unfinished restoration projects to the most pristine original, there is a large market of buyers out there for your Jaguar; but you will lose credibility if you advertise the condition of your car as something other than it is. Secondly, any educated and serious buyer will want to perform an inspection. Whether it is just to check for rust on a Jaguar body or all full inspection on a road-worthy classic, you should always allow this. One way that you can preempt having to do a third-party inspection is to have one done prior to listing the car for sale. Not only will this give you a better understanding of the condition of the car, there may be some small items you can fix that will add value to the classic. You can also give buyers a copy of the report. These are just a few tips that the Alex Manos team recommends.



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