Selling a 1967 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe


1967 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe
1967 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe

During the mid 1960s, the North American market would bring about more stringent emissions and safety requirements causing automakers across the globe to make changes to their lineups. For the 1967 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe, this meant new headlights, different switches and some de-tuning, using two Zenith-Stromberg carburetors instead of the original three. Because these 1967 models were “in limbo” between the earlier Series 1 cars and the later Series 2 cars that would officially launch all the required changes, the 1967 model year cars are sometimes referred to as the Series 1 ½ cars. While this was not an official Jaguar designation, it is widely accepted throughout the classic car market. Despite these changes, the Jaguar E Type 2+2 model remained relatively unchanged cosmetically, with the exception of a new switch design and the absence of headlight covers. As the years progressed, the 2+2 Coupe grew in popularity. Today, buyers are always excited when a new 2+2 E Type becomes available for purchase.


1967 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe Seller’s Guide

If you’re the owner of a 1967 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Coupe and are toying around with the idea of selling your classic, the Alex Manos team, a California classic car dealership, is here to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with the valuable Seller’s Tips you need to be successful. As with all classic cars, potential buyers will want as much documentation regarding your E Type as possible. Whether you have restoration records, maintenance receipts or documentation showing the history of ownership, always be prepared to share these items with potential buyers. As buyers get more serious about your Jaguar E Type, they’ll want to schedule a third-party inspection, which often includes placing your car on a lift to check mechanics, body condition and structural soundness. You should always be accommodating to these requests from serious inquirers. Lastly, it is important that you price your car based on the current market, the car’s condition and the availability of similar models in the market. For assistance with this step, an Alex Manos team member is always standing by.



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